Start-up sector intelligence and lead generation for business service providers.


Driving company formations and the start-up sector forwards through data-driven technology

Business Data Group enables business service providers to nurture data-driven partnerships and optimise growth in the start-up sector.

Our award-winning eFiling technology enables thousands of entrepreneurs to form new companies and commence trading every year; our data-driven customer insights connect essential business service providers with their ideal customers.

By harnessing the power of rich data, Business Data Group's smart technology suite gives B2B marketing teams direct access to new business start-ups faster and more efficiently than traditional marketing channels.

This means that strategic, evidence-based decisions can be made quickly and confidently whilst it is easier than ever to connect with new and emerging markets and pursuing qualified leads.

Contact Business Data Group to discuss how our technology can help your marketing team to maximise its lead generation potential in the UK start-up sector.

Discover Business Data Group's start-up technology suite


eFiling Business Start-up Platform

Communicate with more than a quarter of a million start-up companies every year.

Partner Platform

Partner Program

Connect directly with new start-ups that need your services, before their new start information enters the public domain.


UK's Leading Small Business Community

Advertise to thousands of small and micro-business owners who need your services to help their businesses thrive.

Identifying and connecting with your ideal customers has never been easier or more efficient

Use Business Data Group's smart customer insights to strategically and measurably increase brand visibility and customer acquisition.

Data-driven market and customer intelligence.

Reduce resources and increase your ROI.

Communicate with your customers in real-time.

Engage your customers with tailored campaigns.

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